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2015-10 Thursday 1st, New SOMA Trailer and Launch Statistics
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RE: 2015-10 Thursday 1st, New SOMA Trailer and Launch Statistics

(10-02-2015, 05:36 AM)PathOS Wrote: There's a lot of ways to keep interest, and I'm sure and hope that Frictional will be taking the initiative with certain aspects. It'd be great to hopefully play up the modding scene somehow and get people into creating the levels.

They have the HPL3 engine now so hopefully whatever plans they have will not require them to go back to the drawing board again and build up a new one from scratch. It would be nice if Frictional themselves can make some DLC/Expansions as well (and god knows I'd buy them all), though I would imagine after 5 years in the SOMAverse they may be a bit tired of it.

I think puzzle elements should definitely be reinforced, and it'd be nice if they could incorporate them somehow when dealing with the monsters, because I think there definitely needs to be some new game design when dealing with enemies, since I think now everyone has gotten tired of just sneaking/running by them.

After working for something for like 5 years. They should just give them selves a break. Come back after a month or 2 off the job and see what they wanna do. Obviously they shouldn start working on it just yet. But yeah its up to them. But we did get 3 penumbra games and 2 Amnesia even though they didn make the second one.

And for me SOMA is their best overall IP yet. It would be silly not to do something more with it.
10-02-2015, 10:46 AM

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