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Penumbra (Requiem) Ending General Discussion
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RE: Penumbra (Requiem) Ending General Discussion

some other interpretations:

1 - in the surface stage in requem (snow stage), phillip says: "Good, a helipad, now i just need a helicopter", meaning he wasn't yet aware he was trapped in his own mind. And that is the point, the player has to realize this during gameplay, so that he understands that there is no running away and the incinerator is the only way.

2 - did you realize that the miner-dog-man in the kennels (black plague) is wilbur frisk, and he is the one that made that tunnel in the wall of the 1st storage in overture? when you are under the floor you hear something bruttaly going through the storage rooms, violently grabbing the guy that was in the locked room, and dragging him back into the wall. the "entry 9" on the note you find in the kennels, explain that the "thing" was wilbur frisk, and the guy he killed was dr.roberts, who was the first to fled into the mines and started eating spiders and cut his tongue off. the same tongue you find on the shelf. that means this "entry 9" was written after phillip was already there! cool huh?

3 - when i think about it, i guess howard died the same way phillip did. i mean, he was infected but was not tottaly controlled. he applied the cure on himself and then the hive talked to him, and then he must have gone through a 'requiem' of his own, dying at the end, because he didn't want to become a mr.monster.

Desperate4God, i wouldn't exactly call this an analysis, i just tried to understand the story, but i guess it could be.
As for Amnesia, well, yes, i plan on playing it. but i've noticed amnesia is way more frightening, so it might take longer to go throught the hole game hehehe... but i also read here and there that the story is much more simple... does it also have a confusing end?
04-20-2012, 03:24 AM
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