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Penumbra (Requiem) Ending General Discussion
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RE: Penumbra (Requiem) Ending General Discussion

(07-09-2011, 03:56 PM)BAndrew Wrote: Amnesia the dark descent was far better than penumbra. I was only a bit dissapointed with the story but in overall it was excellent.
And this is just your POV of course. Amnesia is a more "polished" game, which also means more enjoyable by the mass > mainstream. Overture is and will stay the best to me. I'd be glad to be wrong though, but i know i'm not. Dunno how long you've been playing video games but i've seen how things evolved and i'm 200% sure of what i'm saying. Again, the fact they're developping on xbox360 shows it all (even if they do it cause of piracy, they'll end up mainstreaming, else they won't sell).
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