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Blog: "Why Trial and Error will Doom Games"
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RE: Blog: "Why Trial and Error will Doom Games"

My take on it is:

Spoiler below!
Black Plague pretty much removed all of the trial and error found in Overture by introducing the Tuurngait zombie enemies instead of the wolves. If a wolf saw you then you had to fight, cause they run twice as fast as you. However in Black Plague if you're spotted you have a very good chance of getting away and hiding (provided you aren't too scared to even move), so the only real trial and error sections I found were the room with the rock worm and Dr. Wilbur Frisk in the walls, but those two sections didn't cause the game to grind to a halt or anything, just died three or four times. Otherwise I found I actually didn't die that often at all, and found the game to be a very fluent but also hard game.

On Requiem: I actually didn't hate this game at all. Some of the levels had some ingenious puzzles and a great atmosphere. Unfortunately I think it was vastly inferior mainly due to the fact that the puzzles don't have any thought behind them, no real main theme. Not mindless, but without context in my opinion. I know exactly why it was made this way but I still don't like it. I enjoyed playing it though, it was short enough for me to not get bored with the game.
04-16-2010, 10:16 PM

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