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Blog: "Why Trial and Error will Doom Games"
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RE: Blog: "Why Trial and Error will Doom Games"

Penumbra is story driven. And it was intended to be like that in the 1st place. I know if I was making such a game I would do the same for a start, lest I'd get too ambitious and end up on giving up.
Considering how small the team is, I'd say they did the best they could so far, and I'm still looking forward to see how they managed in Amnesia.

But, whatever they do, no solution is the best and no solution is the easiest. I've seen games with plenty of ways to go and in the end it was a horrible thing (Oblivion), and games with nowhere else to go and in the end it was probably the best thing (Arx Fatalis).
It all depends on how things are done in an overall point of view. Like in the two examples I just gave, Oblivion bored the hell out of me precisely for being so "free play", while Arx Fatalis kept me going for having such interesting gameplay details and environment distractions, easter eggs, that made me totaly forget it's lenearity.

Penumbra only failed, at least it seems, for neglecting on making sure the player would get the overall line of thought, and would think the right way when needed. Which I think it's not an easy task to accomplish, especialy without creating some obvious patterns in the games.
05-17-2010, 01:30 PM

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