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Trying to develop on OS X 10.4
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Trying to develop on OS X 10.4

I am brand new to game development but when I saw that this game's source code was available I gathered two of my friends together in order to jump on the opportunity of being able to try our hand at making video games.

I am having some trouble getting everything to compile on my machine and none of the guides seem to really solve my problems. I am working on the latest version of Mac OS X tiger (10.4.11) on a 32bit intel mac. I open the penumbra xcode project and it will not successfully build (I have no idea how to use xcode to begin with, i personally detest it I'd much rather use eclipse for everything). Judging by the errors and warnings xcode spits out it seems that 10.4 is not a supported OS for building this game.

Anyone out there know if this is true? If it is possible to build and develop this game given my current hardware/software configuration, any tips on building without using xcode?

I am not a native C++ guy myself, we learned java in school but I am more than willing to spend the time learning in order to understand and possibly contribute to this project.
08-01-2010, 07:38 AM
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