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Bug at Part 3: Steamrunner? (Overture)
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RE: Bug at Part 3: Steamrunner? (Overture)

Yeah, the game has some faults, but it´s still very good!

On one area where a rock comes down after you (a bit like indiana jones) i managed to trick the physics and make the ball stop XD, that´s another problem with the game there, but a positive one since i didn´t get squasehd Tongue

There is a small rock you pick, right before that big rock, to cross a little puddle of acid, if you put it in the puddle without releasing it, try to walk to the other side (all this without releasing, you walk on the rock while you grab it) and take the rock with you and drop it where that big rock comes out to get you, it will stop the big rock and it will stay there once it comes out. And if you go and touch it, even though it´s completely still, you get killed XD.
09-07-2010, 10:49 PM
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