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TUTORIAL: How to make a readable note
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RE: TUTORIAL: How to make a readable note

Still doesn't work, and i removed the awkward smiley faces.

<CATEGORY Name="CustomStoryMain">
<Entry Name="Description">
My tutorial! PSBig Grinont forget to turn off hallbreaker in the hps D:
<CATEGORY Name=“Messages”>
<Entry Name =“Bedroomlocked”>
I left the key on the desk.
<CATEGORY Name="Journal">
<Entry Name="Note_ItemName_Bedsidenote_1">
Investigate the disturbances
<Entry Name="Note_ItemDesc_Bedsidenote1">
Go into the hallway! And pick a jesus from the chest on your way out.
<CATEGORY Name="Inventory">
<Entry Name="ItemName_BedroomKey_1">Bedroom Key</Entry>
<Entry Name="ItemDesc_BedroomKey_1">Key to Bedrooom</Entry>
<Entry Name="ItemName_BedroomKey_2">Hallway Key</Entry>
<Entry Name="ItemDesc_BedroomKey_2">Key to Hallway</Entry>

"Computers follow your orders not your intentions"- Anon
10-21-2012, 06:25 PM
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