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Norwegian Woods (WIP)
Slith Offline
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Norwegian Woods (WIP)

I'm just gonna put this here Wink

UPDATED 10th October! (Quick update as I removed performance heavy shadow casters)
RAR file here
(extract and merge all folders (voice files included!))

Remember: work in progress Wink

First level walkthrough here.

A few notes:
- There is no real "purpose" yet. It is however possible to progress a little (obtaining a key halfway in the level which opens a door behind which you'll find a level door). This doesn't mean there aren't any events though Smile
- Need to add a lot more detail, items and "fun" scripted events to several rooms and corridors.
- I left the whole place pretty much lit as people in the story left the place in a rush. Might do something about it down the road.
- Most drawers and cabinets are completely empty.
- Decided to go with english narrations for now. Will make a version with norwegian narrations later to get response.

Basic overview of the map (use to pinpoint problem locations!):
(Please copy link into your browser. An url link doesn't seem to work and when trying to add it as an image i get an image count error, even though it's only one -_-)

I'll come around to add screenshots later Wink
10-08-2010, 12:37 AM
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