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What part of Amnesia scared you the most?
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RE: What part of Amnesia scared you the most?

I'll have to say the following scared the crap out of me:
Spoiler below!

The Storage scene (I already knew about what happened after you pick the "items up" but I did NOT expect what happens when you pass the rubble you exploded. I literally screamed and paused. My hands were shaking the entire chase.

The Acid Pot scene. That was just plain mean. This is what happened to me:
Spoiler below!

I went into the Right room with the diary and tinderbox. Then I went into the room across. The monster noise instantly played, so I panicked and ran into the room and shut the door. The monster walks out of the chain room and I flipped shit, ran to the door and tried to open it. I got out just as the monster went to attack. I slammed the door and ran down the hall. Then I stumbled across the room with the Acid Pot. Grabbed it and went to leave. I walk up the stairs and turn the corner and the Monster was running straight down the hall. I took off and made it to the Kitchen. The door was broken down from the earlier encounter. So I ran to hide behind the pigs. I look where the monster coulf get me. I see it run into the pigs and it got me. I had to quit.

I just got to the Machine Control room. Got stuck there, and had to look up a walkthrough for that part.

And I know it only gets scarier from here. :O
10-21-2010, 12:23 AM

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