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Can't start a new game
Bloody Raven

Solved: 3 Years, 3 Months, 3 Weeks ago RE: Can't start a new game
(07-26-2016, 09:46 AM)Romulator Wrote: Give me a bit and I'll fix up a profile for you Smile. Shame this happens. Changing the .cfg would mean editing the main_init.cfg file in the config folder. (Could you post that also? Cheers!)


Update: Profile posted.

Please copy it to your Saves Directory (on a Windows Machine, it is located in Documents/Amnesia/Pig/). Copying the _Profile folder should be enough, though I've included a main_settings.cfg just in case you want to use the settings I did for the game Tongue

There are two saves; the first should be an autosave of the first map loading, and the other is one which occurs about 2 minutes after that. Selecting the one with an earlier time value from Load Game should load up the first map and allow you to watch the intro, or selecting Continue should dump you in the first map regardless.

Hey man,

Thank you so much, worked a treat. Finally able to start playing Smile I still have no idea what the issue is or why my version can't create a working profile, but at least I now have a workaround.

Here's the main_init.cfg file. Odd thing considering, from reading it, it appears as though it should work. Maybe I'm missing something.

Resources = "resources.cfg"
Materials = "materials.cfg"

Game = "config/game.cfg"
Menu = "config/menu.cfg"
PreMenu = "config/pre_menu.cfg"
Demo = "config/demo.cfg"

DefaultMainSettings = "config/default_main_settings.cfg"
DefaultMainSettingsSDL2 = "config/default_main_settings_sdl2.cfg"

DefaultMainSettingsLow = "launcher/default_main_settings_low.cfg"
DefaultMainSettingsMedium = "launcher/default_main_settings_medium.cfg"
DefaultMainSettingsHigh = "launcher/default_main_settings_high.cfg"

DefaultUserSettings = "config/default_user_settings.cfg"
DefaultUserKeys = "config/default_user_keys.cfg"
DefaultUserKeysSDL2 = "config/default_user_keys_sdl2.cfg"

DefaultBaseLanguage = "base_english.lang"
DefaultGameLanguage = "english.lang"

MainSaveFolder = "Pig"

BaseLanguageFolder = "config/"
GameLanguageFolder = "config/lang_main/"

CustomStoryPath = "custom_stories"

GameName = "Amnesia - A Machine For Pigs"

File = "01_mansion_01.map"
Folder = "maps/main/"
Pos = "InitStart"

Again, cheers mate. So happy I can finally play this Smile
07-26-2016, 11:51 PM
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