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Spoiler Question about the plot and the film
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RE: Question about the plot and the film

(04-01-2020, 02:02 PM)orlovblog Wrote: First question. There was a rumor that the series would later be reissued as a new film. Does it exist or was it just a rumor? "Project Apophis" "Depth"

The second question. I still went through the game in Soma twice. But I did not understand who revived Simon at the beginning of the game. Is it WAU or Ross?

And how is the name "SOMA" deciphered?
That film was revealed to be either a hoax or not entirely true but as it's 2020 and Frictional has moved on from SOMA, I doubt any film/series is in the works.

WAU created Simon-2, as seen in the terminal at the beginning of the game when you wake up.

Soma in Greek means "body", take at that what you will.

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04-02-2020, 04:23 AM
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