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2010-12 Tuesday 21st, See you all next year!
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RE: 2010-12 Tuesday 21st, See you all next year!

Thank you all from frictional.
I played games very rarely because 99% of all games are not this what I liked to play.
Because I did not want shooter or special-effects, explosions or all kind of american clischées.

Without you (and one developer in Essen, Germany who makes Risen) I would have no games to play and your games are more than only to play. I could not stopping buying them.
Please release a retail of Amnesia and start to create your next horror game. No other developer in the world creates such atmospheric games like you and they have a budget up to 10.000.000 Euros.

I hope you get a name with Amnesia and that you get a place in the gamers minds.

So I hope you have nice christmas and a happy new year.
Please make a new game!!! We all would love it!
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