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Poll: Which box art do you prefer
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North American version
2 1.90%
Old version
103 98.10%
Total 105 vote(s) 100%
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The North American box art is terrible
Zoridium JackL Offline

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RE: The North American box art is terrible

(02-06-2011, 11:39 AM)Elisius Von Pryde Wrote: I was recently in a store and found boxes of Amnesia, right next to boxes of Penumbra I might add, that had the old art. I live in America by the way. So I assume this issue has already been over. Possibly for quite awhile.

But hell, not why I'm talking. Why is there so much america hate? Seriously. You make it sound like all of us are inbred artless morons. It's funny in moderation, and true to a limited extent. But the second gorram post in this thread was just an open bashing of the US. I could pick apart anything bad you have to say about all of us (yes SOME of us suck balls not ALL of us) but I won't because that'd be just treating a symptom. Media (yours and mine) perpetuates the idea of the ignorant american that is offensive to all other nations and a culture-less moron (even though culture cannot easily be defined so much as judged) but as anyone from a different nation who's ever BEEN to the US can tell you, we're all right people, much like you, we eat, we sleep, we fuck, and we dick around on the internet when no one invites us to parties on the weekend.

TL: DR Don't judge a culture you barely understand outside of third hand sources, its incredibly ironic and naive.

no matter what you say, america as a whole is an ignorant country and by no means the best of mankind (speaking from first hand experience) now that doesn't apply to all americans, but you'd be surprised how ignorant the country is as a whole, even if very few individuals are like that, the primary cause is media, but also the deluded thought that America is a free country and that living there is a guarantee of a perfect life.
02-06-2011, 12:38 PM
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