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Poll: Which box art do you prefer
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North American version
2 1.90%
Old version
103 98.10%
Total 105 vote(s) 100%
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The North American box art is terrible
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RE: The North American box art is terrible

So, I'm american, and I just read on my american gaming site that we're getting a boxed version of the game. The article had a picture of the box art, and allows for comments. EVERYONE that commented expressed disdain for the box art. Not a single commenter that I saw passed up an opportunity to wince in letter form.

Frictional. Contact those tards at THQ, and get a redesign under way asap. o_o

Side note; I'm a designer- A visual designer. I can tell you that when designing covers, posters, what have you, you go through a process that is very creative intensive. You can get lost in the idea, and lose sight of premises. However, without hands on experience, it's easy to be mislead from the get-go. Just looking at this cover, I can tell you that the designer(s) behind this box art googled Amnesia, at most. Maybe read some articles, watched the trailer, tried to find some pictures for reference, and that was it. They did their best without actually getting the game. Which is a shame, because they missed the point without that hands on experience.
02-17-2011, 07:54 AM
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