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Escape Hell - Chapter 1 - DEMO RELEASED (Post Poned until further notice)
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RE: Escape Hell (My First Custom Story) [WIP] (RESUMED)

Demo should be released in aprox: 2 weeks. Smile I finished the first map (For the demo) and I am now starting to work on the 2nd map for the demo. I am not getting people to beta test this or the full, I'm leaving that to my friends (I already have 2 of my friends waiting for me to finish). There are a few unavailable areas in the demo, and few things changed around, but eh, it will be done soon. I'm not sure about you guys, but I'm really looking forward to me finishing this!! The only other person who seems to be taking interest is my friends and Tenno Big Grin (Who has, in fact, helped me finish it, telling me to keep on going! Must remember to thank you in the credits!)

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07-25-2011, 07:01 PM
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