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Poll: Should i add weapons(they're all kinda weak
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[Paracusia] A new game, i am working on, inspired by amnesia
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RE: [Paracusia] A new game, i am working on, inspired by amnesia

Unreal 3 sucks? Shaders are the most realistic in the market, with the implementation fo lightmass they get even better.
You need an awesome computer to develop a game for Unreal Or Cryengine and the same to play it so don't get ideas if you don't have an i5/i7 processor or an Nvidia GF 600+ series.
One thing is not knowing how to use a Top Engine, which requires a lot of experience, another is to too give a bad look to something because you can't use it.

I've recommended source before. I've used it for long, it's limitless if you are a good scripter, there are awesome mods to get inspired on such as Nightmare House 2.

HPL 1 has no future, unless you're a good coder and can turn it into HPL2, but that would take some time. I personally don't like the code on it too, but you may like it. That's my advice, you don't have to follow it nor believe it, just trying to help. Good luck with your project.

If frictional games give away HPL2, I'd say they are done for, it's the only thing that keeps this Indie Team running. Without it, they would fail, and the frictional games team can correct me if I'm wrong. I don't believe they have the time to rebuild a new engine before getting out of economical means to. Indie development has advantages but also has big disadvantages and brings quite a big fight.

Tanshaydar, what do you mean by plasticity? I've used UE3 for more than one year, I never had any problems nor found anything I couldn't do. It supports anything and everything, has everything implemented with fewer needs for plugins which are totally supported. Every single game that pops out with it is simply amazing, candidates to the best game of the year, Bioshock Infinite, Mass Effect 3, Gears of War 2.

Unity 3d is a good engine, a new one, it is extremely organized, you can do things there easily, there's no visual scripting/material editors. It's becoming popular, but it's not a next gen ready engine yet. I have to say that in your position I'd use unity since it's easier to learn and has softer requirements for your system.

Ok, I've gone too far with the engines discussion now Tongue

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