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Work in progress The Unforgiven - [DEMO RELEASED (Fixed) + New Trailer Soon]
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Tongue  The Unforgiven - [DEMO RELEASED (Fixed) + New Trailer Soon]

[Image: dontfearthedark.jpg]
DOWNLOAD DEMO HERE: [url]http://www.mediafire.com/?epqe4dc2c5catda[/url]
Created by: danthaman15
Scripted by: Homicide13, creator of "Nepsis", Mooserider
Map Editor: Prelauncher, danthaman15
Release: Demo on Halloween, Part 1 November, Part 2 on Q4 2011
Scripting Livestream: [url]http://www.livestream.com/homicide13?t=499217[/url]

UPDATE: Unfortunately, due to setbacks all over the place (our mismatched time zones, work loads), we won't be able to get a quality part 1 release out this Halloween. What we WILL be able to get you guys is a demo for you to try of 3 sequences from the game (the demo set pieces will have new scares in the main release), and a new trailer. Sorry for the delay everyone!
You are a man living a peaceful life in the village. However, over the last week, things have been getting strange. The skyline has been replaced by a dark haze, and the townsfolk are beginning to grow on edge, due to wild doomsday predictions and the presence of unworldly sounds from deep in the woods at night. Growing tense, you decide to hole up in your house for a few days until things outside settle down.

However, a few days later, an oncoming storm forces you to head back to town for supplies.

Things are very quiet when you arrive.

The town appears deserted. All doors are locked, and nobody is outside. However, the shroud of darkness over the town indicates something sinister is occurring.

The only unlocked house is the local supply shop. You head inside, and find the building deserted. You take what you can...

That's when you see it. Dead bodies all over the room. A note warns you to head to the church, as it's the only refuge from whatever evil now lurks the town.

With the church locked, you must make your way around town, attempting to piece together what happened, and ultimately try and survive the night.

  • Unique indoor and outdoor areas, including a supply store, a school, a prison, ect.
  • An enormous and terrifying village level hub
  • A disturbing story that unravels as the game goes on, and comes to a shocking head at the finale
  • Custom sounds from famous horror movies and games
  • An amazing custom soundtrack complied from top quality music
  • An exclusive monster encounter you won't soon forget
Thanks for taking the time to read this thread! After playing the hell out of Amnesia, I am creating a new, memorable custom story. But not just a run-of-the-mill 5 minute story, this is full-on project with a professional team.

Gameplay: The Unforgiven will scare players with a mixture of monster encounters, story elements, and paranormal events. Mounting dread and unique, one-time scares will be favored instead of cheap jump scares.

The player will have a "hub world" (the village) where he/she will go through many locations, each with their own unique theme in frightening the player. Some areas will focus on paranormal happenings that leave you guessing what you will see next, others will have horrendous creatures that you must hide from to survive. Some areas have combinations of the two.
Preview Images:

[Image: amnesia2011102500121044.jpg]

[Image: amnesia2011102500131398.jpg]

[Image: amnesia2011102500153931.jpg]

[Image: at_1768110.png]
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