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"The Attic" (Chapter 2) Custom Story
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RE: "The Attic" (Chapter 2) Custom Story

Huge let down, I was expecting way more from this CS. The scares were indeed repeating but not only in the village, they were in the first rooms as well.

I did get some satisfying scares here and there but the whole mapping was really poor. I couldn't help thinking " They just added these maps to fill the story, there's no interest in this ".

So yeah, get a new mapper, and make these maps more useful and intriguing.

As for the notes and stuff, " FUCK IT I'm out of here ", seriously ? Dude, Amnesia is supposed to happen in the old times, thus the texts in the game must keep some kind of grammatical class.

And that's it, I think.

Is there only one ending to this CS ?
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01-22-2012, 09:47 AM
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