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Request A new challenge for a scripting genius ?
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A new challenge for a scripting genius ?

Hi, as it says in the title, I'll need a scripter for making a new script. But not a script for a map, a script for a conversion.

In fact, we decided to change the HUD (inventory icons etc) and we'll need a scripter for making (if it's possible) a animated HUD !

For an example, the Health icon gonna be like :

[Image: blood-pressure-and-heart-rate.jpg]

We'll need to animate it with these lines moving, just like a real heart rate. Same for brain etc...
More the player is hurted, faster the rate is. We'll also need to implement the sounds with it etc...

Also, we'll need to change the icons of the hands (while grabbing an object) etc...

If someone in here think he's able to do it, it could help us a looot !

thanks Smile

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