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25/10-11 storyboard and concept-art: Amnesia -existence-
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Photo  25/10-11 storyboard and concept-art: Amnesia -existence-

*work in progress*

This is the only place where i can put this Tongue
i belive.
keep in mind that im just one man working alone. (not pro at anything)
WARNING! my english is horrible

im going to create a storyboard.
me drawing alot of art work. worlds, monsters, and etc.
making youtube vids and talk about the monsters and more.
i will begin whit artwork mostly here in beginning.. stoy will come later.
Got ADD and dyslexira, but i have a lively brain so it shuld work.

my site: http://www.youtube.com/user/johnbananawa...ature=mhee
Img on the tree little pigs. http://johnbanana.deviantart.com/#/d4dtvr1
im not sure if im going to use three pigs. we will see.

i have thinking about the main character, how he shulld look like and ETC. (this is just an ide)

Great news! a guy calld KKSlider60 from newground probly can create songs, sound and music to the storyboard im working on. he is a nice guy and make awesome music. support him

story/and more

    Amnesia      -Exisitence-

    monsters** Three Little Pigs and Plant

    "Envy" - Bacon

short* Intro
A curius creture, who laugh when seeing a tortued man screming.
Envy love chasing week things, lika a human for man example, or a dog on 3 legs.
"one is running for hes life, the "THING" runs for fun".
He loves to watch Wrath in the torture chamber, Wrath always comes whit wicked ides and new ways
to slaughter and torture people, it amuse Envy.

2.14 meter tall
207 kilograms
456 pounds

extremly strong
one huge clever on left arm
one small pig hoof on right side (hanging free)
"he dose not have any hands"
speed: depens on joy and anger. dont throw a box on him, he will just run faster.
If happy, he will more like chasing you around. (yes he will kill you if he can ;P)
if you rush into a small room and seek cover, and he knows you are in there.
he will take a few steps back sit in the dark and wait for you agien to come out.
But! if hes angry he will bust the door and seartch for you in there. not even a closet going to save
you now unless you have a smart hideing place. or trick him to somewhere els.
it will take some time for Envy to relax en come to the joy mode agien.
more he destroys, barrel, boxes and etc. faster he relax.

    IQ -minus 14 xD

heavly brathing while in wait mode.(sitting in the dark for an example)
Idle mode: making oink sound. (when he belives when you are not around.)
attack/chasing mode: heavy screams (if you dont know how a pig sound. searth it on youtube.)

no music in wait mode. sitting in the dark waiting for you to come.
Searth mode. when he have notic you and you have have notic him. and you manage to run awey from him,
he will go searth mode and music will come. but no heavy music nor stress full.(more just a
way to tell that he is still out there and seartching for you.)
Chasing/Attacking. heavy stressfull music

    eyes And behavior
wait mode.
hes eyes glows white when he is sitting in the dark and looking out to the light.
if you walk by he will start sneeking on you. if Envy comes to close, a good moment for a strike?
he will cut/hit/attack the target (witch will be you ofcourse)
you might wont die on the first hit but you will be damage badly.
also if you manage to hide, Example; run into a small room, he will not bust down the door
and searth for you in there. He will backoff, and wait for you in the dark for a better moment.
early noticfications?
if you see him and run for it!? he will just stand up and pick a new place for a hideout and
wait for you to pass by.
late noticfication?
if he standing right behind you (but not in rech for attack!)
and you start running? he will start chasing you!
BUT! if you are not running and just staire at him. he will just staire back
25% that he will slowly walk forward and *try* attack you.
75% that he will turn hes back on you and sertch for a new hiding place.
( warning do not follow him!)

searth mode.
i you have manage to run awey from him. he will go searth mode(as i said erlier)
walking around sniffing, looking around corner, eventuly crash down doors if he feels for it.
if he never finds you, he will go back to a dark corner/room (wait mode!)
and wait for hes victim to pass by.

rage mode.
DO NOT THROW THING AT HIM! or standing on a higher place where he cant reach you.
e have an rage meter, longer it takes to him to catch you or "harder"? angryer he gets.
In other words, longer you are inside a place sovling pussle or whatever it is you must do.
bigger the problems are going to be while he is around(becouse the is no de-spawn unless its
a scripted scene)
if chasing in rage mode he will break anything in hes way to reatch you,
doors, closets, boxes and ETC.
(yes he can calm down a little by just waiting. but it aint worth it.)

also! there is only one Envy/Bacon in the game.. not two, or more.

    short* story of Envy
One of the "man in white" creations, or a toy more like it.
an experimant just to see if it was possible. testing the orbs power.
Envy once was a normal pig but after "white man" experiments, hes body and soul we fused into a human soul
turnd into that freak he is now.
now days Envy just an 2 leged beast following hes master kommands
Envy dose not feel pain. but whit feelings of a man.
something is not quite right.
(more will be eventuli be added latter)

"wrath" - Brute

"Acedia" - Joy

"Spreder" - a plant


"man in white" - G-man - mystic man*

"Oskar broström" age 38 1965 <== (player)

"Alot of tortued people" no names on anyone yet!


non given yet! somewhere in sweden***

year 2003

    chapter Intro

al the art work can be watch at.

i do not whant to use blogs and twiter becouse its annoying. i'll keep to this thread /youtube/deviantart
if thats OK whit "Admins". Angel

going to update this thread later. And more info will come
feel free to comment, hate it or love it Smile

also! i do have a jobb so i cant sit infront of my computer 12-hours a day.....
updates will comes when i got anything to say or when i have finnish anything. (hopefully once a weak)
im working on this storyboard alone. even if there is something you hate. i belive im not going to change anyting becose you said so. (you can not order me around...)

i will try to answer (SOME) questions.

more pictures and vidoes will come!

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