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Statyk Offline
Schrödinger's Mod

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And fyi. I make maps because I like to make maps. Whether or not they have jump scares in my map in them at all is besides the point. Kman, Miss Rigi; and even you Statyk... none of you can change anyone's mind. It's up to the creator of the custom story to choose what he/she wants. I find it shamefull that someone made a thread for some help on a jumpscare. Then he gets insulted, swore at; and mocked...as if any of the people who commented had any right to do that.

tl;dr: You all might be good at making maps and scripting.... don't get ape shit crazy when someone's opinion isn't the same as yours.

And now I realize that I am a hypocryte from my last post.....So end the conversation here.

I try to say nothing that may offend someone, but when someone tries to give feedback for criticism and gets shut down and mocked as well, it is difficult for me to control my eagerness. Every one in the quarrel is equally at fault, Kman, ZraloK, and myself. Though, I merely said that it would be nice if ZraloK look at Kman's criticism with an open mind, rather than mocking him for typing much and with proper grammar as well, had this never had happened... Everyone may have their own style of creation, but it is always nice to see some inspiration flow into the creations of others.

But I agree, I pledge here on out, I refuse to contribute to a meaningless argument, therefore, this is my last post here.

Again, continue the great attitude and commitment Flamez.
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02-11-2012, 08:34 AM
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Juby Away
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-EDIT- You're too hostile for this

Insanity. Static.
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02-11-2012, 03:06 PM
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flamez3 Offline
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I rather delete this thread and make a new one if it prevent's future statements about jumpscares. I do not care about views and downloads. I do not like people continuously spewing their opinion's on every fucking thread about the same fucking thing. The amount of biased on this forum is overwhelming at times and I keep my mouth shut every time just so I don't start an argument.

You know what, I just typed out a paragraph about this topic and why it bothers me. But it is not going to solve this problem.

Please... I do NOT want to hear your opinion on any "jump scares". Nor do I want to read a 1000 word essay on what it takes to be scary in Amnesia. I do not need a analogy, an example, a description of any sort. I make these custom stories because I like to. Because it is the exact same people doing the exact same thing every time on every thread I read about this subject, make a new thread in off topic and call it "Everybody who hates jumpscares and wants to know more about it, click here".

Because honestly. I am so sick of it.

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02-11-2012, 03:50 PM
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