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Dancing Shadows (A Penumbra Story)
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Dancing Shadows (A Penumbra Story)

Day One

Okay, let me start this off. I am Leon, and this is my journal. I will be recording things in this when necessary. So, I went on a camping trip with my sister, Allison. My girlfriend was sick with the flu, so she stayed behind. We decided to do something different and go to a remote location in Greenland. You might think I'm crazy, but I digress.

I was out hunting (we had food, but I was bored). I heard Allison screaming, so I ran back as fast as I could. She was there, eating some of the beef jerky we brought. She was puzzled when I got back, and asked why I wasn't hunting. I guess I must have been hallucinating, but it sounded clear as day to me. I'll be on alert.

Day Two

I woke up this morning and a small snowfall had come upon us. Allison was gone, but left a note on the bedroll in her tent. When I read it, it said in neat letters: "Left to find water. Thermos ran out. Some is still left, but I went just in case. Allison." I was utterly confused when I finished. We had three gallons of water left, and we didn't need any. Still, I trusted her, so I just sat down and ate.

Okay, something is wrong. It's about three o' clock and my sister isn't back. Not only that, I haven't found any footsteps when I left for a scouting trip at one o' clock. I'm going to venture out to the north, and see if I can find her. Then I can rest easy.

Shortly after departing, a blizzard formed around me. I passed out, and when I woke up, I was next to a solid metal hatch. The metal was freezing cold, but I had to take refuge inside. When I climbed down the ladder, it suddenly gave way and I caught hold of a loose stone. I climbed down and was greeted by pitch darkness. Luckily, I had brought a flashlight and some spare batteries (the big flashlight, one of the industrial ones) for it, and when I looked in, there was a room with two doors. Almost as soon as I reached the farther one, something snarled from behind the other one and started smashing against it. I panicked, and hid inside of a crate, and here I am, writing to you, if you've found this. I'm not going to cover it up, I want to see what's out there. I just heard the door collapse. I pray that I will survive.

What do you think? If you like it, I'll add more!
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