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{{Tutorial}} how to comvert penumbra files into amnesia!
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{{Tutorial}} how to comvert penumbra files into amnesia!

i know that you are tired from searching (how to convert penumbra to amnesia.....etc) Huh so i am going to teach u from the 0
OK first of all you must read every thing i am writing so u don't get lost (images doesn't show every thing Dodgy)
1- choose your item that you want to convert from penumbra file location
C:\Program Files (x86)\Paradox Interactive\Penumbra Black Plague\redist\models
most of the items are in this file
and now you can use any of these but i will use corpse for example

and now after you open this folder u will see a tons of files . this is when we will continue to step 2

2- as you see there are a lot of files but how can i take what want without making mistake? don't worry like 4-5 files are Compose one item ,REMEMBER that the files must be (.DAE .ENT .JPG .MAT .TGA) well maybe there is and they are next to each other and having most likely the same name well more than one file with JPG anyway copy those file and put them in a new folder (name it whatever u want i name it test)

and put that folder in (you can put it anywhere but if you want to do it easily)
C:\Program Files (x86)\Amnesia - The Dark Descent\redist\entities

3- From this step the coveting has started now go to the MaterialEditor (which i think u have it in amnesia file location) and open it . Then from file press open and go to your folder and choose the mat folder

and now you see in the picture Diffus right? click on it .after that a menu will appear . there is a browser button click on it and brows the JPG of the item
[Image: 132285904111.png]

after you do that go to file and save\overwrite the (mat) folder

4-now after you save\overwrite on the old file go to the ModelEditor and open it of course
then go to file and choose open . after that go to your file and open the (.ent ) file
we are not finish yet
5- finally go to file and choose import mesh and go to your file and choose (.dae) file
[Image: 1322857915941.png]
maybe there will be some deference for the converted file from the original one from penumbra

look i don't say it will work on every thing because i didn't try it on everything yet but this way you convert most of the files from Penumbra to amnesia

NOTE: I am not a superman i am an ordinary guy so there will be maybe some mistakes i did or something not important i have add
. and don't give me a crap like ( i didn't get it ) or(it didn't work well with me...etc) without reading everything and doing it step by step

this is my 1st Tutorial ever so i hope you understand it and use for good

Regards Mid Boss
12-02-2011, 10:02 PM
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RE: {{Tutorial}} how to comvert penumbra files into amnesia!

Bro, this tutorial already exists. It's like 4 posts down from the top. Heh. But thanks for the helpful efforts Big Grin

12-04-2011, 02:13 AM
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