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Hello, I need a little help.
Lilmszen Offline
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Hello, I need a little help.

Hello, I just yesterday downloaded Amnesia TDD to my laptop. It wasn't until I started playing it I realized there was a section on the main menu talking about custom stories. Long story short, today I downloaded two custom stories, Staying Alive and My Lady's Insanity. I've looked online to find out how to access them in the game but I can not figure out how to. I downloaded the game from my boyfriend's disk and I only have one folder named for my profile which contains all my auto-saves. Would anyone be able to explain to someone, in a very simple way, how to get these two, and any others I may download, into my game? I am not sure how and am very very new to things like this, even though I would love to make a custom game. Thank you in advanced for any help.
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12-29-2011, 02:29 AM
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RE: Hello, I need a little help.

Go to this folder

C:\Program Files\Amnesia The Dark Descent\redist\custom_stories\

(I don't have retail so I am not sure if that is the correct folder... It might be C:\Program Files\Frictional Games\Amnesia The Dark Descent\redist\custom_stories\ or something similar... I am not sure)

Download your custom stories, and drag the folders into there. After that, go into your game and go to the Custom Stories selection on the main menu, then select the custom you want to play, double click it, and then click Start!

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01-01-2012, 12:00 AM
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