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Work in progress Sins Of Our Past: Chapter 2
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Sins Of Our Past: Chapter 2

Betrain. Hunted.

Sins Of Our Past: Chapter 2.

Expect screenshots and a trailer soon!

Contains the story of the Chapter 2! Don't read if you haven't played Chapter 1!
Spoiler below!
Sins Of Our Past: Chapter 2 sets it's timeline after 2 weeks after Chapter 1. Gordon escaped Arthur's mansion, and left England. After the revelation about him and Arthur, he travels to Finland region in Sweden.
He wants to find out, what he used to be before his time at Arthur, before facing him again. The angel has repeatedly told Gordon to go to Finland, since he used to have a small castle there. He knows the Gatherers will chase him even to the depths of hell, should he feels a sudden urge to visit there.
He must hurry, find out what he used to be, and face Arthur once more, before They catch him.
01-23-2012, 04:07 PM
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