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Work in progress The mind of Mattias
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Rainbow  The mind of Mattias

Hey! I'm new to this forum (as you can see by my postcount) but I've been working on my own custom story for a while now and it feels like I should announce it since part1 is ~80% complete

[Image: amnesia03.png]

Welcome to the thread "The mind of Mattias".
My story don't really have a reason behind it. I added objects and events to the map as my thoughts went through my head. So there's alot of stuff that doesn't make any sense.

Here's a few pictures

Spoiler below!

[Image: amnesia01.png]

[Image: amnesia02.png]

I will make two parts of my map so I will probably upload part 1 today.

I'm looking forward to meet all of you guys.
Thanks Smile

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02-05-2012, 04:43 PM
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