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*Stupid pointless name discussion*
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*Stupid pointless name discussion*

From wikipedia;


The umbra (Latin: "shadow") is the darkest part of a shadow. From within the umbra, the source of light is completely blocked by the object causing the shadow. This contrasts with the penumbra, where the light source is only partially blocked and there is only a partial shadow.


Overture (French ouverture, meaning opening) in music is the instrumental introduction to a dramatic, choral or, occasionally, instrumental composition.

I'll spare you my thinking of the name, but I want to discuss the upcoming installment's name; Penumbra: Black Plague!

Black Plague, obviously suggests some disease involved. Black disease, rings a bell as the Black Death. I'm however pretty sure no Black Death reocurred in the mine, as that would be pretty darn lame storywise, I'm thinking that Black Death is some kind of metaphore. What it's supposed to bring into Penumbra, I have no idea.

Probably overspeculating here, just as for example "the man at the end of the game" thread, but well, discussing is always fun.

What do you think the name means?
10-03-2007, 10:05 PM
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RE: *Stupid pointless name discussion*

Same thing, name of the game, Penumbra, is discussed Here too.

10-05-2007, 09:32 PM
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