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An Update from TnJProductions
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An Update from TnJProductions

Because we have STILL yet to finish Abduction, and the time it's taking us to edit hours of footage, we're missing out on everybody else's custom stories. So what we've decided to do is start up two mini series. Where each of us plays a different custom story by ourselves. No subtitles (unless hilarious enough to deem them), just us playing them. Now if you are familiar with our CS Adventures, you know there's two people. Me (Trevor), and Joe. What we need from you guys are custom stories you would like for us to play through. Like say you want Joe to play this one, and Trevor to play this one. Then in between our abduction videos, we'll have these videos so we can finally get to our list of custom stories that we still need to play.

So toss them at us! Which ones do you want us to do?

03-08-2012, 03:30 AM
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