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TWD, inquiries.
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TWD, inquiries.

now I, like most frictional fans, Know that You guys are pretty much the kings of story telling horror. I loved the penumbra series, and have yet to finish Amnesia even though I've owned it since like 8 months before release;its to scurry. So I pose this question.

Is it that your reputation has yet to reach the ears of hollywood and Frictional is still very much an Indie dev, or did you guys decline such a project as the walking dead?

I am very skeptical about the most of telltales games. the few I have are decent but subpar, in my opinion, upon release. Also i'm not a huge fan of point and click adventure games, its like playing a motion comic. you dont get as immersed as like a first person title.

As the masters of fear and suspense, I thought Frictional would have been a great choice to head up such a project like TWD where story and suspense are the main focus. or is it just that you guys want to focus on your own great works and are too busy at the moment to take on something like that. I guess there might be too many questions. so some food for thought.

ps. cant wait for the next one.
04-19-2012, 01:42 AM
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