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Offering Services as Editor (Grammar correction and improvement)
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Offering Services as Editor (Grammar correction and improvement)

Hello everybody!

Consider this my formal introduction to the forums. My name is Danny, I live in California, and I am sixteen years old.

I am offering up a service to proof-read and improve storylines, note entries, or really any written text in your Amnesia Custom Stories. Why? I'm sick of seeing grammatical errors in otherwise flawless Custom Stories. Allow me to help you out! If you are in the process of creating a story, send me your notes and I'll tweak them to perfection, and send 'em back along with the original. You don't like the changes? Not a problem. You'll get the original back! You have absolutely nothing to lose and all to gain. Why not send me that written letter or note you've been working on? I have plenty of free time and would love to help you out!

You can reach me through a PM, or post below if you're interested. Thanks for reading!

Yours truly,
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04-27-2012, 12:08 AM
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