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Custom Gobo (.dds) file for spot lights
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Custom Gobo (.dds) file for spot lights

I was having trouble with figuring out a way to make my own gobo. But, after perseverance, I figured it out. Now, I'm sure I'm not the only one who has wanted to do this and I'm sure some have already done this. But the lack of support via forum searches and google searches led me to believe that there isn't enough documentation on this specifically for Amnesia. So, I am making this thread to hopefully be a search result (forum/google) for those trying to tackle this problem.

Now, if you look into your amnesia the dark descent folder and go into the lights folder, you will see a bunch of .dds files. These are the images that the spot light uses when you (in the level editor) modify the gobo parameter. Making these .dds files aren't so easy, as most image-editing software does not come with the ability to support .dds files. First thing you'll need to do is find a .dds plugin for your image-editing software of choice, mine being Photoshop. Link at bottom for photoshop plugin. There is one for Gimp. A quick google search will find your plugin.

Once you have your plugin installed, open up your editing software. Now the rest of this will be explained for photoshop users. Hopefully, if you do not have PS, you can still follow along.

Load or create your image, preferably black and white. MAKE SURE THE DIMENSIONS (pixels) ARE MULTIPLES OF 4. To do so, go to Image-->Image Size and change your dimensions there. Then, save the file as a .dds file. Now comes the weird part: A window should appear prompting you to give more detail about your image. Luckily, we do not need to make any changes, so you can go ahead and hit "Save".

Now, in custom_stories-->YOUR CS HERE, create a folder named "lights". In this folder, paste your new .dds file.

In the level editor, go under the gobo parameter and navigate to your .dds file. Now your spot light will project whatever image you used.

I do apologize if this seems like a no-brainer and if this is in the wrong subforum.

Dark Seclusion Here
04-29-2012, 01:46 PM
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