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Need Custom Amnesia Story help
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Minty Twister Offline
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Need Custom Amnesia Story help

Hi, sorry if this was made before, but I can't get any custom stories to work AT ALL
Yes, I extract them to the correct folder, but when I look in the list (in game) none of the stories show in the list for me to play, this has been very frustrating, I looked all over using google and no one else seemed to have the same issue.. I've been trying to use Desura, works most of the time, but not all custom stories work on it.

I got Amnesia from Steam BTW.

Program Files (x86) > Steam > Steam Apps > Commons > amnesia the dark decent > custom_stories

^ Where I have been putting stories
05-14-2012, 09:45 PM
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DrPots Offline
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RE: Need Custom Amnesia Story help

i have the same problem dude, i dunno how to fix Sad your not alone though

hey i fixed my problem
if you are making your own stories, you need a file like this

ImgFile = "Image"
Name = "Can´t Remember"
Author = "MarvStudios"

MapsFolder = "maps/"
StartMap = "Can´t Remember.map"
StartPos = "PlayerStartArea_1"

save as a .CFG file. you can open it in notepad to write it first, but make sure you save as a .CFG file.
this is for the custom story "cant remember". its a bit of code that tells the game that your story should be put in the custom story list. it also lets you stick an opening image with it among other things.
just copy/paste this in notepad and replace the words inbetween the "" to what you want, make sure that in the bottom half, you put word for word what you have named your story previously.
if you downloaded your stories, like i did, make sure that each folder that contains a story is accessable from your custom_stories folder. all my stories were in one folder which is why it didnt work
hope that helped Big Grin
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05-21-2012, 07:02 PM
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