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Custom Story help
MikePlayz Offline
Junior Member

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Sad  Custom Story help

Picture > On the left side there is "Can't Remember" custom story which I downloaded from internet. On the right,theres a custom story called "AAAAAAAAAAAAA". It has exactly the same files as "Can't Remember". Why doesn't this "AAAAAAAAAAAAA" show up in the custom story menu when I play amnesia? I have a custom story that I created myself but it won't show up in the menu,and this picture is just an example where I show you that any file that I create myself doesn't show up in the menu. Help please?

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05-18-2012, 09:00 PM
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Xeronaile Offline
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RE: Custom Story help

Did you create the AAAA one? If so it might be an issue with your Custom_story_setting.

I had the exact same issue but some other people helped me resolve it, linked me to a custom story package with the text that should be there.

ImgFile = "story.jpg"
Name = "Foobar"
Author = "Xeronaile"

MapsFolder = "maps/"
StartMap = "TheDungeon.map"
StartPos = "PlayerStartArea_1"

This is an example of the one I have, and this one shows up fine in my customs stories list.

I have an idea on how this works, but I'm no where near a good CS creator. But yes, that's my Custom_story_Settings text

It was the issue for me, but when I got that pack and replaced the text with my own it showed up just fine
(I did make one from scratch and followed the guidelines, didn't work)
05-24-2012, 04:36 PM
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