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Are there any non-horror custom maps?
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Are there any non-horror custom maps?

I know this is a horror game, but within custom maps, you don't have that limitation. So, are there any maps created not within the horror theme of the main game?
I'm thinking about:
- A Google street view-like interactive walk through an indoor area, like a museum or an old mansion (not per se horror).
- A custom-built game of Cluedo (or Clue in N.A.) within the Amnesia maps. It might possibly be impossible though..?
- A 3D first-person platform game, or a parkour game like done in Minecraft (which is also 3D first-person)
- Something else?
06-27-2012, 04:56 PM
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RE: Are there any non-horror custom maps?

Make a forum search before posting, there's been plenty of posts asking about this already.
06-27-2012, 05:23 PM

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