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I've returned!!

I've returned!!

Hey guys, I was here before xd
I wanted people to contact me via MSN but unfortunately only a few did so.
Well I obviously can't stop coming here, I'm just too addicted to penumbra... Smile (ask all my friends - I annoy them so much about the game xd)
So, I'll explain a bit about myself...
I'm ZaRboN from Israel Big Grin (yes, the game is famous in here too)
and...I've been playing penumbra since it's release (the Tech Demo).
I got addicted even to it, and I knew it's a matter of time until a company will find it and make a huge game out of it Smile
To be honest, I still thinks the Tech Demo was the best of all games because Overture and BP are TOO OFFICIAL...and too much of everything Tongue
I've found many bugs and glitchs in the games...so I guess I'll bring them here soon Smile

Hope you like me xd

btw, Jeremy-Bailey you are awesome!
and you too WindexGlow Smile and I'm a neverhood fan like another guy in here...
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