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Anyone looking for a composer for their mod?
NanaPharcyde Offline
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Music  Anyone looking for a composer for their mod?

Hi, I'm a musician looking to get into the gaming industry one day.
I figured a good way of starting off and seeing what I can handle would be making music for the mods you guys are working on! Big Grin

I have a small demo I've been working on for just a few hours today that I think shows my potential.


There will be more of this style on the way soon, so please subscribe and feel free to contact me with any questions, ideas, advice.

And PLEASE consider me if you're looking for something like this! Thank you! Smile

I AM A MUSICIAN LOOKING FOR A COOL MOD TO SCORE, CONTACT ME. @NanaPharcyde LISTEN HERE: https://soundcloud.com/mohawk-23
07-18-2013, 08:06 PM
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Bridge Offline
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RE: Anyone looking for a composer for their mod?

It's not bad in my opinion but I have a few suggestions if you are interested:

1) I would have liked to hear something other than strings, or if you are adamant about scoring it only for strings have some more dynamic variety. It gets boring after a while with all of the instruments at more or less the same dynamic level. I think especially the violins should be mezzopiano at most.

2) I think the main theme so to speak starts out well with the staccato figures in the treble and held notes in the bass, but I do not think the repeated 8th notes in what I presume to be the viola part are of particularly great effect. It would be better in my opinion to leave only the violins playing at a softer dynamic level. Maybe introduce another instrument if you wish. Optimally I would sustain the initial chord for either one bow stroke or, if you don't really care about playability, for the entire two measures and diminuendo them to nothing. I just think it disrupts the flow and the result is a little disturbing in my opinion (not in a good way).

3) The little 4-note cadence that you repeat several times is not very effective in my opinion. There is no real build up because the dynamics are static and the phrase that precedes it is so short there really is not that much tension so it ends up sounding forced to me.

4) The ending is wholly unsatisfactory. It just stops the momentum without providing the listener with any resolution or even closure. If you want an abrupt sounding ending there are ways to do it that doesn't produce such a dull end result.

Hope my comments were at least a little helpful.
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07-18-2013, 09:24 PM
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