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Advertise Your Let's Plays Here! Get Noticed!
AirmanerX Offline
Junior Member

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RE: [Promotion]Advertise Your Let's Plays Here! Get Noticed!

Let's Player(s)' Name(s): Airamner, AirmanerX, Air.

About Yourself: I'm 13, not a squeaker, Polish, I don't speak extremely clear but I'm still working on that. You can at least understand me.

Commentary Type: I play any type of custom story which is suggested to me by anyone. I do a mix of comedy and serious immersion, depending on what type of CS I'm doing. I might do the main story sometime in the future.

Microphone only or Facecam+Mic: I do Microphone only for now. I'm not comfortable showing my face on the internet because of all the trolls and I'm quite self-conscious.

Videos: I can't choose one video to describe my style. I'm currently working my way through House of Creep and I feel that if I posted that It would turn a lot of people off my videos.

Page: http://www.youtube.com/user/AirmanerX
I made a second thread before I noticed this one, sorry about that! Heres the link: [url]http://www.frictionalgames.com/forum/thread-18236.html[/url]

Additional Info: I don't do a lot of unique things but I am very open to suggestions and different styles of play. I will try to play other horror games as well as a lot of different genres but don't suggest too graphically intensive games as I have a laptop.
09-09-2012, 02:08 PM
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Artyom Offline
Senior Member

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RE: [Promotion]Advertise Your Let's Plays Here! Get Noticed!

Let's Players name: CrazyasZan

About Yourself: Hi, My name is William, I'm 17 years old and love entertaining peeps!

Commentary Type: I only play well made custom stories with good reviews, due to the fact that you get more into the story as you play, instead of running around a awful castle with TNGs flying around the hallways. I do a mix of serious and comedy, If the story is good I'll play more serious, if it sucks well, hopefully it doesn't aight. I play alone in the dark with headset maxed (like a boss)

I record my LP´s with facecam and mic, I got a HD webcam, and a nice TB headset. I also plan to get a better mic.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0RI_igwJ...re=mh_lolz

Page: http://www.youtube.com/user/CrazyasZan?feature=mhee

Additional Info: First of all. I do not make my videos to advertise them and make money, I make them beacuse I want to entertain peeps and brighten up their day, I also make custom stories myself so now and then I'll might make a timelapse/Tutorial on how to set up your own CS. That's pretty much it.
Please check me out and make my dream come true!

- Inactive account -
09-26-2012, 10:38 PM
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rndmnwierd Offline
Junior Member

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RE: [Promotion]Advertise Your Let's Plays Here! Get Noticed!

Let's Player(s)' Name(s): rndmnwierd which is a mouthful, I know. So just call me rndy

About Yourself: I'm a gamer girl, yes female, with a passion for being scared out of my wits. I love horror movies, games, books, whatever. I also love RPGs and action oriented games. I hail from the east coast of the US of A.

Commentary Type: I try to be entertaining? I just like to play a good story. Sometimes I'm in the mood for jump scares, other times, a truly creepy atmosphere. As long as I'm having fun, I like to think that shows through in my videos. Though I would really like to try dual commentary....

Microphone only or Facecam+Mic: Mic only for me.

Videos: I think this one is my favorite so far.
This one has a lot of me being scared, too XD

Page: This is my YouTube Channel!

Additional Info: What makes me different? I dunno, I guess the biggest would be my gender. I just like to have fun and I'm not out solely to make money, either. Even if nobody watches my vids, I'll still be happy to record them. Hey, just come check me out and judge for yourself whether I'm worth anything at all!

I know my name is a mouthful, use rndy if you like!

The YouTube thing that I do
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10-02-2012, 09:11 PM
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NightSshadeGaming Offline
Junior Member

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RE: [Promotion]Advertise Your Let's Plays Here! Get Noticed!

Let's Player(s)' Name(s): Night and Shade (two players)

About Yourself: We are two guys, pretty new to let's playing. We have a very nice sense of humour and we love getting scared (not really, but it's fun and entertaining). We are both 19 years old. I (Night) am living in London, while Shade is in Luton. We are both bulgarians, so expect some kinda-like-russian accent. We are very serious in Let's Playing, and we post like 3-4 videos daily, so we can keep our viewers entertained ^_^

Commentary Type: While I finished the game already, Shade hasn't, so he isn't really playing custom stories for now, but the original game. He is getting scared pretty easily, and he has a nice sense of humour, so it's worth watching him. I am more of 'talk-all-the-time' type, which means that even if there is nothing to say, I try to say something (which mostly ends up with me talking crap Big Grin), so I would say I'm more of an entertaining and careless type. I'm still serious where I have to be tho.

Microphone only or Facecam+Mic: I use both Microphone and a Facecam, because I think that my look is priceless when I get scared. However, Shade doesn't show his pretty face due to the lack of face-cam software. Enough boring reading, let's check what we have to offer now Big Grin

Videos: It would've been good to post a montage, but we don't have one yet xD Also, Shade is uploading his first video tomorrow, so you will have to watch only me for now... Here are some kewl episodes :





Page: Here's our youtube channel, subscribe if you liked the videos above so you can check our latest masterpieces ^_^

Additional Info: If you love screaming, uniqueness and kewl commentaries, if you like to see how scared one can look, then you definitely gotta check our youtube videos and subscribe to our channel. We will make sure to make your day better Big Grin

Second Scary/Funny montage :P Even better than the first one!
(This post was last modified: 11-24-2012, 08:21 AM by NightSshadeGaming.)
11-24-2012, 08:21 AM
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Demondays1 Offline

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RE: [Promotion]Advertise Your Let's Plays Here! Get Noticed!

Let's Player(s)' Name(s): TheKidAmnesia (Forum name: Demondays1) (Real name: Daniel)

About Yourself: I am 14 years old with a moderate voice (not too high or too deep) but in general, my voice shouldn't be annoying at all. I am a male who lives is California and hope I can get a good channel going (Not aiming or planning to be as famous as pewdiepie or anything). I love to play horror games from Amnesia to slender, FPS from Cod to BF3, even FPS horror! from Killing floor to Cry of Fear. Every time when I try to play games or custom stories, I always tend to complement their work, of course if its a terrible map I probably won't end up uploading it.

Commentary Type: Semi-Serious, some parts I don't try to be funny but I do tend to exaggerate a lot, some parts I am somewhat serious and sometimes I can be exaggerating. Keeping everyone not bored while they are watching me play my lets play series. Mostly during my videos, I add little quick texts on objects, enemys, etc to make the audience entertained, hoping the people find it entertaining to read.

Microphone only or Facecam+Mic: Microphone only (Might add in face if I get a amount of subs I am aiming for)

Videos: Only 1 lets play video but aiming to add like 2 or 3 more tomorrow. In all my videos, you are able to set the quality to 1080p (Don't like to upload with 360p maximum XP)
STUPID LIBRARY! - Amnesia TDD - Digressiophobia: The Beginning PART 1:

Page: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheKidAmnesia

Additional Info: My channel isn't planned to be big, I'm just trying to get a good amount (like around at least 300) is my goal into succeeding my own channel, Pewdiepie has around 3 million, I'm not planning to be like him throughout my channel. My reading skills isn't really much of a professional type, I do tend to studder and some points but a studder as in a quick stop while I am reading a note or intro to my audience. I am probably going to be the youngest (active) channel that does scary let's play series. Sure you probably saw "Kids who cry playing slender w/ facecam" but that's only like 1 video, I'm going to do way more videos like about 5 or 6 more. Hopefully my dream into becoming a good channel will come true and I know one day, little by little, my channel will grow slowly 1 by 1. For now, I do not have an Intro.

Intel HD Lag fix: tiny.cc/pyv1gw
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12-20-2012, 04:56 AM
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Aloïs Offline
Junior Member

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RE: [Promotion]Advertise Your Let's Plays Here! Get Noticed!

Let's Player(s)' Name(s): JierskGaming.

About Yourself: I am a 15 year old male from The Netherlands.

Commentary Type: I play alone. I try to fully immerse myself. I don't joke about the game because that ruins the point.

Microphone only or Facecam+Mic: I only use a headset with microphone.

Video's: This is one of my video's, I don't have a lot of them yet but I'll be uploading a lot more. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37O1ZXBMnYk

Page: This is my youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/jierskgaming

Additional Info: What makes me different is that I don't joke about the game. I know a lot of Let's Players that do, but I prefer not to. And I think I'm a little younger than most other let's players.
01-14-2013, 06:35 PM
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TerrorLantern Offline
Junior Member

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Joined: Feb 2013
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RE: [Promotion]Advertise Your Let's Plays Here! Get Noticed!

Let's Player(s)' Name(s): TerrorLantern

About Yourself: I have finnaly began to suck up the nerve to finally play through amnesia. I have a few videos on a youtube account called shad0wth3iffury however i made a new one due to the struggles many have had finding my channel due to my confusion name so it is now terrorlantern

Commentary Type: My commentary is still develpoing due to my lack of experiance however i have recived many compliments on my commentary from thoes i have talked to. Smile in essence it is a talkative fun commentary yet more mature than many i have seen. all in all it is a commentary you will have to experiance for yourself try it out

Microphone only or Facecam+Mic: I only have a mic (turtle beach x12) however i would be happy to add a face cam if some desire to see it

Videos: unforunately at this time i cannot however the moment i can i will post a link

Page: just link the lack of a link above this is similar i am not in the position to link this yet the moment i can i will

Additional Info: Hello there every one! i am new to the fourm. I have been following up on aamfp for a while now since i have began making amnesia youtube videos (ill supply a link in a later post due to me being and school right now and i cannot access youtube), and greatly anticipate the coming of the new game. I am reletively new to making videos and i would appreciate all of your comments and criticism as well and any recomendations to aid my videos. I also plan to post videos the moment aamfp is released. my style of play is still maturing because of my lack of experience in making videos... anyways ill be frequently posting and im happy t be a part of this fourm community. Big Grin
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02-27-2013, 09:24 PM
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Tiger Away
Posting Freak

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RE: [Promotion]Advertise Your Let's Plays Here! Get Noticed!

Does anyone even check this thread, except for lp'ers?
04-30-2013, 04:40 PM
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Traggey Offline
is mildly amused

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RE: [Promotion]Advertise Your Let's Plays Here! Get Noticed!

04-30-2013, 09:26 PM
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darkely Offline
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RE: [Promotion]Advertise Your Let's Plays Here! Get Noticed!

(04-30-2013, 09:26 PM)Traggey Wrote: Nope.

I have to agree with you. Unfortunately most people never bother looking here so it is kind of useless imo.

04-30-2013, 09:35 PM
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