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Turn the crosshair completely off?
HollowayN7 Offline
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Question  Turn the crosshair completely off?

Since there's almost no interaction on anything except important items, is there any way to make it so the crosshair doesn't point out anything at all? The thing I liked most about ATDD was all the clutter, which made it more difficult to find important objects UNLESS you were looking for them specifically.

There was a particular moment in the beginning where I was looking through a room, and happened to find the "key" to solving a puzzle which I hadn't gotten to yet. Only reason I knew it was significant was because it looked like clutter, yet I could pick it up.

Turning the crosshair off from the settings still makes it pop up on things I can interact with.

Also, how come chairs and the dead pigs the only unimportant things I can pick up? Seems kinda pointless.
09-10-2013, 07:36 PM
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