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Mementos- the storytelling could have been even better!
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Mementos- the storytelling could have been even better!

Now, look- I'm in the "AMFP is fantastic and a wonderful sequel" party. This is not a thread that is pointing out flaws in the game. I am merely pointing out something that was in TDD, that could have made the narrative in AMFP even better; the diaries.

I miss the spoken diaries by Daniel. In AMFP, the mementos are replaced with personal notes, written as though they are the character's thoughts as he progresses. Why, then, is it purely text-based and not voice-acted like Daniel's diaries were? They were only a few sentences each, at most, and I would happily have listened to the pain and anguish in Oswald's voice as he realizes the true nature of his personalities. I might have to even say that actually reading his thoughts, while he had a perfectly capable voice actor whenever he answered the Engineer's phone calls, was a bit of a momentum stopper (coupled with the fact that you had to go back through two other menus to get back to the game once you finished reading them- why, TCR, why?). I think, if his personal notes were voice acted, then the storytelling in this game would be absolutely perfect. Hearing his voice and his tone as he goes through this journey through madness would give us a much better look at the cracking of his sanity throughout the game.

Wishful thinking, is all. Smile I wonder if any devs could weigh in on whether or not this was discussed in the design stages?

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09-11-2013, 09:31 AM
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RE: Mementos- the storytelling could have been even better!

I think the voiced diaries were replaced by those audio recordings coming from what-you-call-them(?).

I do agree though. I would've definitely liked to see some more personal diaries from Oswald based off of the style of Daniel's from TDD.

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09-11-2013, 09:37 AM
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RE: Mementos- the storytelling could have been even better!

Yeah, and I would've loved to hear some of Jess's tracks to go along with those notes. It's very hard to capture the feeling the text is trying to portray without a voice to go along with it. I wish we could've heard more of Toby Longworth in general.

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09-11-2013, 09:38 AM
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RE: Mementos- the storytelling could have been even better!

I remember the Frictional teams regretting having voice-overs with theme music for Amnesia 1's notes. Something to do with it breaking the immersion by having a character talk to you rather than making the player read.

I've always read much faster than the voice-overs, so I welcome the change. Mandus' insanity is easy to grasp from the tone of his writing anyway.
09-11-2013, 04:42 PM
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