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Amnesia: AMFP My scary Playthrough (daily upload)
Jacksendary Offline
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My scary Playthrough (daily upload)

Hello Every body and thanks for stopping by! So recently (the 1st July) I started my YouTube channel. and my lastest playthrough is AAMFP. so without wasting too much time here is a few videos I got up so far, with my funny squiggly line eyebrows Big Grin read on down below if you'd like to know more Smile

My main reasons for this was not get famous and such, but to have fun and get back into gaming since I haven't been playing much the past 3 years, and hopefully make people smile and grin. As well as that I also started it to get better to English and reading in general since I suffer from a kinda bad case of dyslexia which have plague me the most of my life. But enough about the bad things Big Grin So I wanted to do this for almost 5 years but was always a bit too shy to seriously give it a try, but now where I've started, I love it, and if my videos is worth the while for just one dude out there, It's enough for me! With that said, I do know I have some fault in my LP's but even tho the main thing for me is to have fun, and hopefully lets others have fun too, but comment on improvements/what I may do better is of course more than welcome, So Thanks A Lot All! I hope to see ya around in my comment section Smile

Here at last, Frictional games! Chinese Room! THANKS YOU! you're both amazing! and I'm honestly so happy that you guys, lets people record and share videos of yours games, so thanks a million for such great games!
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09-26-2013, 09:37 PM
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RE: My scary Playthrough (daily upload)

No doubleposting!
10-12-2013, 07:21 PM
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