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Amnesia: AMFP Annotated AMFP Walkthrough
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Annotated AMFP Walkthrough

Hi! Figured I'd throw a little plug for my AMFP walk through on YouTube. Some people I've spoken with seem to be a bit confused on some aspects of the game, so I added annotations with lyrics translations and reference points to illuminate some of it. Also, I'm not particularly fond of commentary, as I feel it takes away from the experience.  If you have something to add, I'd be happy to look into adding it!
Note: I'm not looking to monetize, this is strictly a casual venture and hobby.  I'm not looking for serious criticism (I'm well aware of my crappy in game camera and its limitations.  Maybe in the future I'll buy one, but for now my budget is limited to free for this kind of stuff).  Also, I'm going to school and working full time, so while I try to keep up, it can be very difficult.
That said, I hope you find something you enjoy about it:

01-19-2014, 04:21 AM
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