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League Of Legends Killing Urges.
7heDubz Offline
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League Of Legends Killing Urges.

Within Contains A Maniacs crazy story about how he feels about the truly toxic player in the league of legends database.

Spoiler below!
Whenever I meet up with the extremely toxic I have an unstoppable urge to literally kill these people.

I have graphic images of me finding these people, and destroying them.

Just so that the world will have one less sunofa*****.

So, if you read.

Am I in need of help? Need a break? Or act upon my perfectly normal urges.

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01-25-2014, 04:30 PM
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FlawlessHappiness Offline
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RE: League Of Legends Killing Urges.

Hey man!
We all have something we hate.
In different scales but still hate.

The fact that you've written the post is presumably because you know it's bad to kill people.
I'm pretty sure you haven't killed anyone yet, and that's because you know that you shouldn't.

So you get a feeling of hate, and then stop yourself with logic. That's good Smile

I'd say relax. Ignore whatever happens to make you mad, because you simply don't care about them.
Isn't it as simple as that? You don't care about them.

Seeking professional help would be if you actually found yourself walking into the kitchen to get a knife...
If you've gone this far I'd say speak to an adult about this.

But you should be able to stop yourself. You're a human, and we all act differently to different stuff. But we've got logic, which is what makes us different from animals who hunt after their instinct.

Trying is the first step to success.
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01-25-2014, 04:50 PM
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Tiger Away
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RE: League Of Legends Killing Urges.

>This thread
01-25-2014, 05:49 PM
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daortir Offline
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RE: League Of Legends Killing Urges.

League of Legends really make some people mad, especially at lower elo. I used to rage a lot until I realized I was only hurting myself by being angry. Just mute people who act badly, be more mature than then and don't answer to provocation. Mute them, focus on your lane and do the best you can to carry your team to victory.

If you want to check videos about it, look for gbay99's stuff on YouTube, that guy made me change my attitude. (Yes, I once believed in elohell ._.).

01-25-2014, 06:07 PM
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i3670 Offline
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RE: League Of Legends Killing Urges.

Pretty much the reason to why I don't play team-based multiplayer games. I have a friend that plays HoN, a similar game to LoL, and the amount of hate and rage he displays has put me off any of these games including Starcraft.

Also, if you feel so much hatred when playing a game just quit. It really is that simple.

"What you think is irrelevant" - A character of our time

A Christmas Hunt
01-25-2014, 10:03 PM
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daortir Offline
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RE: League Of Legends Killing Urges.

The game is way too exciting to just stop : ).
Having a hateful teammate with you is an awful experience, but League of Legends brings so much fun and excitement that in the end, most players don't care about flaming idiots, they love the game way too much.

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01-25-2014, 10:16 PM
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Acies Offline
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RE: League Of Legends Killing Urges.

I play HoN. In case there is a player which is outright bad or makes poor decisions and then rages on me I just /ignore (a command to remove voice/text chat from a certain player) him. More often than not these types of players impedes my reasoning while playing and occasionally gets me in a bad mood.

Not directed at anyone in particular but merely a philisophy I have: You shouldn't play to win, you should play to get better. There are rare occasions when a loss is due to your team (it is a teamgame after all), but in most cases you should think about how you yourself could have played differently. Blaming others will not help you get better and often stand in the way of realizing your own shortcomings. Playing desperately to win will often get you in a bad mood, as they only way to 'feel happy' is to have a game which you win - or a game where you play very good.

A video to get you in a better mood

[Image: mZiYnxe.png]

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01-26-2014, 12:42 AM
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eliasfrost Offline
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RE: League Of Legends Killing Urges.

I play to have fun, not to win or get better. Most of the time you get better because you enjoy what you are doing and want to explore the possibilities, and not because the goal is to be good, if you enjoy what you do, it will show in your results.

[Image: indiedb_88x31.png]
01-26-2014, 12:59 AM
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daortir Offline
Senior Member

Posts: 422
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RE: League Of Legends Killing Urges.

Acies got the same philosophy as me ^^. If you play to improve you will always enjoy the game and losses won't matter to you since you are not playing to win. That's probably the best advice against raging : Find a motivation to play the game that is NOT winning. Fun for Naked?no and improving for Acies allow us to not bother too much about the outcome of the game itself.

01-26-2014, 01:05 AM
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Statyk Offline
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RE: League Of Legends Killing Urges.

Like daortir said, I find myself just muting the fella if they're raging really hard and trying to keep the mood up. Especially if it's at another failing teammate, not me. If anyone here is aware of Sky, he does this "technique" that's mostly psychological. Put your teammates in a good mood by complimenting them, comparing them to LCS players, or telling them a mistake wasn't too big of a deal will REALLY go far. I got into a 4v5 from the beginning one time and we were so well coordinated and having fun, we actually ended up winning. The other team was raging at each other and telling us to report one another...

Leagues is my favorite game to play. The strategies are fun to come up with, the champs are interesting, and sometimes the community can actually be enjoyable. But you have to make it enjoyable. If you must, mute the cancer. Otherwise, try to be the leader, either mentally, or in the actual game. I main jungle, so I know I have to spend time in lanes. And if I find a teammate raging against another, I tend to side on the victim's side, whether he did something wrong or not. Because if one starts to defect or lose morale, his performance will be impacted. I had a friend rage so fucking hard at me for forgetting smite and the whole game was so awful because of the toxicity, I could NOT focus and did horribly. Never bring a teammate's emotions down or you're going to bring the game down with it.

For reference:

The game will be a lot more fun and you'll find yourself in a better mood as well. Sometimes it's just fun to make your teammates happy and it shows when they go 10/1/15. The only time I rage is when I go against shitty champs like Amumu or Mundo, or when I lag. I've never raged at a teammate in game, that's just a dick move.
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01-26-2014, 02:21 AM
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