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Amnesia: Depth
DnALANGE Offline

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RE: Amnesia: Depth

Where are the notes for english...?
And the sound is overpowered and some switches as well!
PLUS some switched need to go to STUCK.
There are just a lot flaws and the voicetext is childish english.. so badly written.. why not translated by a english\amarican for example??
The voiceacting is also super boring and very low quality..
There are also lapms missing from the ceiling.. only billboards and spotlights seen..
ohh.. what happend to the start?? all pages are black as well.
ALSO when i go on the moving platform it suddenly disappers??? anyway, IF that happends ppl cant walk anymore , the player is UNACTIVE...
There are just too many flaws in this..
Couldnt finish it yet due the bug.
I will try another time again..
Just very disappointend atm,
Mapping on the other hand is amazing!
Cool and nicely done!
New models are also very nice!
A lot of potention... but my rating now is 5\10...
i will rerate when finished.
i will NOT vote for now.
Fix all bugs and glitches and new voiceacting, this guy sounds sooo boring and speaks so faast and his prenouncements are also very bad.
Find someone english\amarican.
Keep it up,

It looks to me, not a LOT \ good ppl have been testing..
Just to many flaws atm... :S
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01-23-2015, 08:19 PM
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