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Level Editor Help AMFP enemies in TDD
KiraImmortal Offline

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AMFP enemies in TDD

i read many posts, but i couldn't make it work properly, so can someone tell me how in the hell can i use the Pigs in a level for TDD in the right way? :o of course i have the patch installed, the new model and level editor works fine with other amfp models. i'm just having trouble with the enemies (they don't spot me, don't move, or just running around me doing no damage).
05-13-2014, 12:21 PM
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FlawlessHappiness Offline
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RE: AMFP enemies in TDD

Open them in the model editor.

Click save.


Should do the job.

Trying is the first step to success.
05-13-2014, 12:46 PM
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