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Announcement Let's try this CS malarkey again!
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Let's try this CS malarkey again!

Hey guys, it's been almost two years now since I last posted on this forum. I've changed the majority of my CP. You may have known me previously as 'Lolnesia09'. Looking back on everything that I did, I must have been horrible to work with haha! I cringed myself.

Enough of the introductions.
I'm here again to tell you guys that I'm going to try my best to complete what I started almost 2 years ago. Now, because of College and things like that, I may hit the same roadblock I did before so there's no guarantee that I'll finish this but I'm definitely giving it another shot, whether it just be a small time hobby.

I hope this is good news to you all and I'm excited to get started again. I've got someone else by my side that'll be giving me more input and I'll be going into this with a pinch of salt now.

I hope to be posting here more often,

Let's try to bring back The Unspoken Words

"Good men mean well; they just don't always end up doing well." -Isaac Clarke, Dead Space 2, Chapter 12
07-08-2014, 06:38 PM
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