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An Amnesia Custom Story: The Barn's Secrets
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An Amnesia Custom Story: The Barn's Secrets

By Badcat5550 (creator of Amnesia: Lifeless The Abandon)

You'll need the Justine and the Latest Amnesia Machine for Pigs patch to be able to play this cs!

So I decided to create one more custom story and this time, I am gonna spend more time on this one as it's gonna involve so many ideas I wanna share but some won't fit in the story!

Short clip of the Story:

It's the year 2008, your name is Jonathan and you are an 18 year old teen. Your family died and you're all alone in the farm.
Who has been awoken by a large racket in the barn, you wakeup in the middle of the night from your grandfather's attic. You go out to discover what was that sound until you notice it did not come from your barn, it came from your grandfather's mines...

This Custom story is planned to have many custom new ideas that has never been used in any amnesia mods with nothing amnesia related. I will focus as much as I can on atmosphere, immersion and suspense.

High quality full voice acting.
custom models and entities.
atmospheric well crafted maps.
Custom sounds and music.
Custom enemy.


[Image: sh27bl4.jpg]

[Image: 56up4od.jpg]

[Image: kuj2za2.jpg]

I will work as hard as I can on this one which I'm excited about.


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