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Work in progress Graystone Manor
burge4150 Offline

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Graystone Manor

So, this game started out as the first thing I ever did in HPL (Bad idea and a turn off, I know). I thought I had the mapping down after some practice, but as you progress through the game the mapping gets considerably better if I do say so myself. I will likely go back and "remap" the first few levels.

The story is a placeholder atm, so I won't share that here just yet. It does fall into the "Get out of this strange castle" archetype, but it has its way if drawing you into a little bit of a side story.

I have 10 maps completed and scripted after about 6 months of working a couple of hours per day for the most part.

It does not employ cheap jump scares. My focus is to build tension and while there ARE some jumpy moments, it's more supposed to scare you by what "hasn't happened yet". If you get my drift.

Screenshots for now and maybe a demo / alpha version of the first part to follow if people are interested.

Feedback encouraged!


.jpg   Screen_Screenshot_001.jpg (Size: 174.14 KB / Downloads: 90)


.jpg   Screen_Screenshot_002.jpg (Size: 53.51 KB / Downloads: 75)


.jpg   Screen_Screenshot_003.jpg (Size: 82.52 KB / Downloads: 77)


.jpg   Screen_Screenshot_004.jpg (Size: 35.95 KB / Downloads: 69)
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10-14-2014, 10:08 PM
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FlawlessHappiness Offline
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RE: Graystone Manor

Great to see people are still making custom stories!
I have a little criticism to your screenshots Smile

1st screenshot.
I see you're using the windows that are breakable... I recommend using the other seethrough-windows that do not break, unless you intend them to break.

2nd screenshot.
You should add more light, than just the lamp. The whole floor isn't lit ^-^

Trying is the first step to success.
10-14-2014, 10:55 PM
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Darkfire Offline
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RE: Graystone Manor

I see you made same mistake as I did - started making a CS without the proper knowledge and kept going :\
[Image: gsScjXE.png]

PS. I'd suggest creating an imgur account and posting pictures without links ;)

Yeah I hear the Peace^lords are after you or some shit
10-15-2014, 03:43 PM
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