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Amnesia: The Dark Descent: playthrough Playlist by Dawgiedee
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Amnesia: The Dark Descent: playthrough Playlist by Dawgiedee

Hey some people of you might know me as i post around here about every other day. Have been a little busy with examinations lately but thats aside from what i want to post here Tongue

Anyways i make youtube videos. and my first serious playthrough/letsplay/gameplay thingy what ever you want to call it is Amnesia TDD. If you guys are interested at all you can find it here. Right now i have 29 parts up and am close to the ending (i think)


why should you watch me?

i'm consistent and do my best a lot to post every single day and stick to schedule but sometimes life gets in the way and i think i make alright commentary.

hopefully you'll consider checking out my playthrough and maybe stick for more Big Grin

thanks for reading


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