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Pointless rooms.
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RE: Pointless rooms.

(10-29-2015, 08:03 PM)IIPEE Wrote: What about sense of storytelling? It has nothing in it, no notes or other pickables, no mention of anything anywhere within the game but it still has story of its own to tell.

There is a chair that is knocked over within a messy room and blood trail that leads to a broken window on second floor...

You should try to make good use of these pointless rooms when you can yeah, fx the hospital room in omicron does not have much to it, but the whole hospital thing is very relevant story wise to the "illness" happening at omicron. Gameplay wise the room improves pacing by making it take longer to reach the dive room, especially when the monster girl appears.

But still, even when you can't fit in a lot of story and interresting stuff, it can still be better to include them regardless for like in my example pacing's sake.
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